April's Goals

 I love lists of all kinds, grocery lists, to-do lists, reading lists, goal list...on and on.

List help me to stay focused on things I want to accomplish or need to get done. I've learned that I feel more committed to things if I have them written down. I keep lists everywhere. They are on my fridge, in my purse, in my journal, on my phone...everywhere. There's this amazing feeling I get when I scratch something off my list, this great feeling of being productive and being accomplished.

With this in mind, I usually try to make a monthly list of things I need to get around the house, appointment reminders and things I want to personally accomplish.  I think I'm going to make it a monthly feature, maybe do a follow-up post as well.

1) Clean out unwanted or old clothes from everyone's closets and donate to local charity house accordingly. 
     This should be a relatively easy process. The girls both bring down clothes as they grow out of them and recently emptied out most of the old ones. It should mainly be me and Mike going through our stuff.

2.) Clean out pantry, wipe down shelves and reorganize. 

      Another pretty easy task to get done. I did a huge clean out of stuff right before our big vacation two weeks ago. I just need to check a few exp. dates mainly, then clean the shelves and put it all back in neatly.

3.)  Clean out entertainment stand. 
      This one, in theory, won't take long, it's only two cabinets but it's a hassle and something I really don't like doing. There are so many old cds/dvds, pictures that get shoved in there from holiday decorating and gaming stuff. It's like a black hole and it needs to be fixed but ugh.

4.) Work three days a week on my current crochet blanket project.

       I've been working on this blanket since January, I'm about a third of the way through. If I would just sit down and focus on it I'd have it done. So the goal is to be nearly done with it by the end of the month.

5.) Read three books
      This is an ongoing goal. I try to read 3 to 4 books a month. My yearly goal is 36 books. Right now I'm averaging 3 1/2 books a month and am on track to meet my goal. As long as I don't slack off. I head to the library Monday to pick out my next three books. Look for that post soon.

6.) Doctor's appointments for Hayley and Kyla this month.
      Hayley has her 6-week allergy shot towards the end of the month and Kyla as a follow up with an RP specialist in New Orleans on the 26th.  My personal addendum to this goal is to not have any doctor's visits this month for myself.

7.)  Finish up Hayley's Africa Notebooking session 

        I want to wrap up the overview of Africa this month so we can work on Egypt all of next month before we start our looser summer schedule.

8.) Find some summer house dresses
      I've recently lost some weight and while I still have a long ways to go I feel more confident in things like dresses now. I've always loved the idea of house dresses and really want to find some to wear over the spring and summer.

9.) Order Hayley's school curriculum for the next year. 
      A lot of the books and such that she needs for this next year are at deep discounts right now, I'm hoping to get them all ordered this month.

10.) Get out to see my Grandfather at least once. 
      G-pa lives a little over an hour away and while it' s not that far it does make it harder to just drop in for a quick visit. Especially with the family always being so busy. But I really need to make a point to get out and see him more, he's not getting any younger and I don't want to lose any precious time remaining I may have with him.

Do you make monthly plans? Any big goals set that you're looking to accomplish? Let me know below.

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  1. I am big fan of lists! I have them everywhere and then sometimes sit down and try to combine them all lol.