How I Meal Plan and What We Ate This Week

How I Meal Plan

Meal planning is one thing I've learned to embrace over the years of my being a grown up. When Mike and I first were married I ran my kitchen in a rather haphazard way on a very slim budget but as the years progressed I realized that my take on cooking needed to change. I learned about meal planning through a housewife group on Cafemom (yes I've been around *that long* lol). After some hiccups, I figured out what did and didn't work for us.

I can't do a strict seven-day meal plan where meal A is for Monday and meal B is for Tuesday. It feels too constrictive to me and the family. There are some nights, like Tuesday, I have something like a slow cooker lemon buttery chicken with roasted asparagus planned and Mike will see the thawing chicken and declare he is making gumbo with it. This used to frustrate me to no end but I've learned to flow with it. 

I buy my groceries mostly a month at a time. Our monthly budget for two adults, one ravenous teenage girl, a budding eleven-year-old cook, two dogs, and all household non-food essentials is $600. I've tried swapping to doing a week at a time but over fifteen years of doing it as one big shopping trip, I struggle to change my habits. Instead what I do now is break into one main trip for things like proteins, nonfood items, dairy, snacks for the girls and such while making sure to leave enough for small trips. My small trips consist of things like fresh veggies and fruit, bread, extra milk, and sandwich meat and I always leave a little cushion for those weeks we want a 'special' meal.

This Weeks Meals

*this week has been hell on my menu. Despite my best wishes and hopes, I came down with what I thought was a light cold last Friday that turned into a full upper respiratory infection and bronchitis by Tuesday.  I spent a lot less time in the kitchen than I normally do, instead relying on Mike and the girls to keep us all fed*

Sunday:  Rotel pork chops with sauteed onions, roasted summer squash and roasted baby potatoes.

Monday: I sold Hayley's old day bed and trundle over the weekend and decided instead of spending it on frivolous things for me I'd spend it on a night out with the family. We ended up at a hibachi place here in town. Y'all I could bath in the yum-yum sauce that is used to top the fried rice. It's delicately sinful.

I splurged a little on my dish and got the scallops instead of the chicken. 
Tuesday: Mike took the girls out to the park for a bit then they came home and ate gumbo. I spent most of my day at the doctor due to an upper respiratory infection and acute bronchitis, I opted to for comfort food in the shape of a sonic cheeseburger and tater tots. 

Wednesday: BBQ Drumsticks with roasted asparagus, roasted baby potatoes, and tangerines as a small dessert. Mike grilled the drumsticks which made it easier on me to finish the rest of the meal.

Roasted baby potatoes are my new favorite side, so easy and so versatile. 

Thursday: Hotdogs with chili, chips, and fruit. This was the worst night of me being sick. I burned the first batch of chili and ended up feeding it to the dogs. Thankfully we had enough stuff to make more chili and Mike once again took over while I crawled back onto the couch to finish dying. 

Friday: I'm finally feeling a little better so think tonight I'm going to make pan-fried pork chops with some veggies and maybe some rice and gravy.

Not sure what we will do Saturday, it's supposed to storm a lot this weekend so probably something easy.  And I am hoping that by the start of next week I'll feel like myself again.

Did you have any good dinners this right?


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