Just Wear the Shorts or Dresses

This last week a friend of mine shared this post on Facebook by Kelly Olson and Kelly was kind enough to allow me to share it here. Kelly is a health coach and an Advocare Distributor and seems so bubbly. Her words really struck a chord with me as I read them.

Just wear the shorts.
Do you have something In your closet that you love?
I mean ABSOLUTELY love.... on the hanger.
When you go to put it on, you talk your self out of it.
It’s too tight
it’s too fancy
it’s not fancy enough
my arms are showing
my legs are showing 
My stomach looks weird
So you hang it back up or you shove it in the back of a drawer til next time and then the cycle continues...... NOPE. Not anymore.
You get ONE LIFE. Quit worrying about what people THINK ABOUT YOU.
No ones looking, NO ONES TALKING ABOUT YOU. (And if they are... THEY DON’T MATTER!)
you look fabulous.
OWN IT. SMILE. ENJOY THIS LIFE with your eyes and heart WIDE OPEN.

For years I have found a million reasons why I won't wear summer dresses around the house much less in public. The only semi-legitimate issue was the thigh rubbing I suffer. I say semi-legitimate because it's an easy fix, they make wonderful undershorts for skirts but I let this excuse overshadow other more flimsy ones instead of facing my issues. 

Behind this flimsy excuse, I was worried my stomach looked too big from a side profile, my upper arms to red and bumpy, my legs to chalky white, it felt too dressy to be walking around the house in and so forth.

Really putting myself out there... me in one of the summer dresses I
ended up buying. It's a favorite!

Kelly's words hit home and hit hard. She's right, we only have this one life to live, this one life to embrace what makes us happy. 

Today I bought six dresses and I love them all and I can't wait to wear them all summer long. I also ordered a couple of sets of these short leggings to wear under them so I have zero excuses to not wear them.

I'm going to embrace this summer and the things I love. 

What about you? Do you put off wearing something you like because excuses that aren't really valid?

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