P!NK: Beautiful Trauma Tour

I have been obsessed with P!NK since she debuted in the late '90s. I could always relate to her songs, especially as I struggled with my depression and anxiety issues.  After I had my girls I made sure to introduce them to her songs as they got older. Ones like Stupid Girls, Dear Mr. President, So What and so many more. She has so many empowering songs that are great for growing girls to hear. Ones that make it clear they don't need a man to rely on, that they can be more than 'pretty' and so forth. Don't get me wrong she has some that aren't great for the below teenager ears but out of all the artist out there she's still my favorite. 

So you can imagine my sheer frantic thrilled cries of joy when I found out she would be taking her Beautiful Trauma tour to Shreveport. Y'all that's only an hour or so away from me. I asked (read begged and pleaded and bribed and near cried) Mike to please let me go. There aren't many bucket list items in my life but seeing P!NK in concert has been top on my list since I was sixteen.  Of course, my husband loves me and has known for years that I've dreamed about a chance like this and said yes and told me to take Kyla with me.

The day of the concert rolled around and  I don't know who was more excited, me or Kyla. After grabbing her a t-shirt we made our way to our seats. At first, I was a little nervous then I realized we were in the best seats in the house. Side stage at the dead center of the stage, this would prove later to be the best thing I could have ever done for us.

We were first-row side stage with nothing but rails between us. If we looked down we could see the sound crew. 
The pre-show consisted of DJ KidCutup from California and a singer/songwriter named Julia Michaels. I highly recommened both.

Now before I go any further with the show I need to say that I had an inkling of an idea of how amazing this concert was going to be. Remember, I've been obsessed with P!NK since I was 16. I've seen videos of her concerts, seen her perform live on tv at the Grammys and etc. But I really didn't think that Shreveport, LA would have the facilities and room she needed to do an all-out show.

I. Was. Wrong. 

So very wrong. She came out flying on a neon pink chandelier y'all.

You can't really see her but she's dead center of all the shiny crystals. 
I was a kid all over again.

She didn't hit the stage till a little after nine pm and didn't leave until after midnight. Three hours she sang her heart out, engaged with the crowd, flew over us on a bed, wires and even silk ropes for aerial acrobats, and at times she was no more than ten feet from Kyla and I. Ten freaking feet people!!

Here's she's singing Fun House, one of our personal favorites.
I love how into her performance she gets. 
She did a lot of songs from her new album Beautiful Trauma, many of which I love, but she also did a lot of her hits from her previous albums. The best had to have been Try, a song that has been dear to me for a few years now. It was one I turned to a lot during the time Mike and I had our issues.  She had a dancer come out on stage with her and the choreography was just amazing and she again took to the air for a part of it.
I love how it looks like they are just floating here.

I don't have any pictures of it sadly but by far the coolest experience (minus her being so close) was the pyrotechnics. We were so close to the flames we could feel the heat as they shot into the air while she sang Just Like Fire. 

I shouted, cheered, and sang my self hoarse that night as did Kyla. It's the first concert I've been to where it's been so loud you can sing along at the top of your lungs and it doesn't matter because no one can hear you.

But y'all, all of that pails in comparison to being able to give Kyla her first concert experience this way. She didn't just go to a concert and watch some singer dance around the front of the stage with a few lights. She got a full on show. There were numerous costume changes not only for her dance crew but for P!NK as well, stage props out of this world, light shows, fire shows, and an artist who puts her whole self into her music for her fans each and every time she performs.

It's a night neither of us will soon forget and I'm so thankful that I was able to share this with my baby girl.


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