Streaming Saturday: Definitely, Maybe

Each Saturday I  highlight a movie or documentary from different streaming services that I have found interesting. Picks will range from mainstream movies to lesser-known documentaries

Streaming Service: Netflix
Movie: Definitely, Maybe
Genre: Romantic Comedy

This was such a cute movie and I don't know how I haven't seen it till now. 

Ryan Reynolds plays a father, Will Hayes, going through a divorce. After a hilariously funny incident at his daughter's school, she demands to know the story of how he fell in love with her mom. Her hope is that if he tells her the story he will remember why they got married and they won't get a divorce. Will finally gives in and tells her the story but with one condition, the women in the story have their names changed and she has to guess which one is her mom.
I laughed, cried, booed and cheered on the characters as Will related his story of falling in and out of love with three women over the course of a few years. The best though, at least for me, was the daughter's reactions to different tidbits of her father's journey.  The movie reminded me a little of The Princess Bride with the way she always broke into the story to share her dismay and hopes on who her mother might be. 

Definitely, Maybe is a feel-good movie. I love that it shows you can truly love more than one person in your life and that even if it doesn't work out it doesn't mean it wasn't real or that it was a mistake. It also shows that it's never too late to fall in love again. 

If you're looking for a fun movie to relax with and giggle at, I can't recommend this one enough. 


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