Streaming Saturday: Struggle The Life and Lost Art of Stanislaw Szukalski

Each Saturday I am going to try to highlight a movie or documentary from different streaming services that I have found interesting. Picks will range from mainstream movies to lesser-known documentaries. 

Streaming Service: Netflix
Genre: Documentary
Title: Struggle The Life and Lost Art of Stanislaw Szukalski

Alongside his father George, Leonardo DiCaprio brings to light the history of a surrealist artist and sculptor from Poland who due to his eccentric beliefs, contempt for the masters, and the occupation of Poland during World War II faded from the art communities spotlight in the late 1930s. 

The documentary tells the story of how Gleen Bray stumbled across Szukalski in the early '70s. Bray filmed Szukalski in the last years of his life, documenting his story of fame in Chicago and pre-War World II Poland. 

Birth of Thoughts

The thing I loved most about this amazing man was his strength to follow his passion no matter what others thought of him. He was a child prodigy, admitted to Krak√≥w’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1910. In the documentary, he recalls that his professor would chastise him for not working off a model and that if he couldn't work with one that he needed to left. Szukalski smiles at the camera with a quirky grin and says he turned and left because he would never work with models.

Up until the moment of his death Szukalski bucked the status quo and refused to make himself palatable just to gain notoriety or to even be accepted by anyone. Throughout the film the viewer gets a distinct impression that he was a very much a man you took as is and if you didn't it was your loss.

If you enjoy art, biographies, and documentaries I highly suggest this two-hour film.

Bow Arrow to Opression

Inside Portrait of a Man


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