What I'm Crocheting

It' s been a busy week so far and it's only Wednesday. My days always slip away from me when Mike is gone on business. I'm counting down the days till he gets home and passing the time crocheting. I had a few readers ask me to show the ripple blanket I'm working on so I figured I'd show it and a few of the other projects I have going.

This was my first ever completed project (I've only been crocheting a little over a year and am still a little slow so an afghan this size took a lot of time lol.

Hayley immediately claimed it as hers and has slept with it on her bed every day since. Until last week that is. She brought it downstairs looking forlorn and plopped it in my lap saying look. 

One of the first squares I ever made has come loose. So it's now a top priority to fix, I was able to get the correct yarn today and now I have to figure out a way to fix it without taking the whole thing apart. *lesson learned...tie better knots*

The next project is my Christmas Ripple Blanket. My mother gave me this great crocheted owl basket and the yarn that is in it for Christmas.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the blue skein yet but the green and red were just screaming for a simple Christmas themed afghan. 

I love owls and love having them nestled all over my house.
This one has a permanent home in front of our fireplace. 
I'm moving a bit faster on this afghan, though learning the ripple stitch took a lot of trial and error. I am loving the simple colors and the repeating pattern that is emerging. I'm about 1/3 of the way done with it. If I sit down and actually focus on it I hope to be done by the end of next month. I need to get it finished so I can start on a baby blanket for a friend. 

Then last, but not least, are the stuffies I am working on. The grey body and black head will one day be a really cute penguin, the variegated yarn body will be a floppy cat, and the little brown blog...well that's the poop emoji I'm making for one of the kids in my family. The emoji one is nearly done I just need to add the eyes and mouth. I'm going to scour my files, folders, Pinterest boards and notebooks for the other two patterns and hopefully turn them up. *take away lesson here....always remember where you save your patterns*

Y'all getting the detached penguin head to balance on its body was loads of fun.

My biggest issue is making myself sit down and crochet. I get distracted really easy and even though I love doing it I have a hard time remembering to do it. I keep the ripple blanket at my feet by the couch and it's helped so far. 

Do you craft? 
How do you keep yourself motivated while working on projects?


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