April's Goals...Did I Finish Them?

Can you believe it's already the fifth month of the year? I mean didn't we just have Christmas like yesterday? Why is it that the older you get the faster time seems to flow? I need it to slow down just a bit.

When I figure out how to make that happen I'll let you all know. Till then let me get my update in on April's Goals.

1) Clean out unwanted or old clothes from everyone's closets and donate to local charity house accordingly. 
Done, done and done. I got rid of two large boxes of good clothes, all given to a local second-hand store. I also cleaned out all of our under-clothing drawers and got rid of all the old and worn out stuff.

2) Clean out the pantry, wipe down shelves and reorganize.
 Done!  I thought I had a picture of the after but looks like it's been deleted. But I rearranged everything and it's so much better now. It's like my own little private grocery story, all neat and front faced. *happy sighs*

3) Clean out entertainment stand. 
Sadly this still hasn't been done. I think I've talked about getting it done nearly every week now but it still sits there taunting me. The outside doesn't look so bad, it's just what is behind those doors that needs to be done.
I will get this cleaned up in May even if it kills me. 

4) Work three days a week on my current blanket project.
I didn't manage three days a week but I did get a lot of work done on it so I am going to count this as done.

5) Read three books
I read four! To check out the book's I've read so far this year head on over to my 2019 Reading List.

6) Doctor's appointment for Hayley and Kyla (plus no doctor's visits for me)
Both girls had their doctor's appointments come and go without issue. We were dealt a heavy blow concerning Kyla's eyes but we are rallying around and facing it head-on. As for me... well despite my best attempt of ignoring and hoping it gets better I ended up at the doctors twice. Once for acute bronchitis and another time for a stupid rash that demanded steroid creams.

7) Finish Hayley's Africa Notebooking session
Done. We now only have a little bit of spelling and language to do and she will be done with her fifth-grade year.

8) Find Summer Dresses
Done!! I found six awesome dresses. Wal-mart has these adorable sleeveless t-shirt material dress so I picked up two. I also found four more dresses at Ross Dress For Less. I love shopping there for dressier items that are just a step up from Friday Casual. And their prices are amazing. I got four gorgeously pretty yet simple dresses for $50.

One of my new dresses, it has little white birds all over it and is a dark navy blue. I just love it! 

9) Get out to see my Grandfather at least once.
Technically I didn't get out to see him till May 1 but I'm going to count it because I thought it was April 30 all day that day. We had a very small celebration for his birthday Wednesday night.

So all in all not too bad of a month. Now I have to sit down and figure out what I want to accomplish for the month of May.

Did you set goals for April, what were they? If so did you finish them all?

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