May Goal's

I like to make a list of goals for each month. This helps me to stay focused on what I need to accomplish around the house and there's the added thrill of marking things off as done.

 I did pretty well on my goals for April and I am hoping to do as well or even better for this month.

1) Spring Clean the house

It's the perfect time of year to get this done now that all the rain is finally over and the sun is shining. Something about opening all the windows and letting the sun in makes me want to clean the house. With the girls finishing up school over the next two weeks we should be able to knock this out rather quickly.

2) Read four books

I picked up three new ones from the library yesterday and I have a slew of unread books at home to pick from. I think, if I get the three library books done I'll start on the next of The Dark Tower series.. may mean just 3 1/2 books read but we shall see.

3) Go out to see G-Pa at least once

I really enjoy visiting him and as an added bonus my mom who lives there as well to be able to take care of him.  I've recently started researching our family history and I want to go out there and pick his brain on things he remembers about growing up in the 1930s and what he may remember about his aunt's and uncles.

4) Spend more time with Mike

It's weird, he works from home and I am a full-time housewife but we rarely spend time together that isn't in front of a tv watching shows together (granted it is a favorite pastime of ours lol). It's a marriage survival technique we've learned over the years with both of us being home 24/7.  But it's also because in the last few years I have really withdrawn into myself while I was dealing with my bioplarism and I want to change that.

5) Finish the ripple blanket 

I'm honestly not sure if I can fully finish it but I am going to try my hardest too. I'm just so slow. But I really want to move onto a baby blanket project for a friend so I need to get it done. I'm almost at the halfway point, if I really buckle down  I think I can do it.

6) Clean out the entertainment stand

This was the only one left over from last month... I will get this done. I will. Promise.

7) Lose some weight

I'm not going to put a number on this, that always derails me, but I do want to lose some.

8) Plan a summer homeschool group trip to a local state park swimming pool

This was the first year Hayley and I have been really active in our local homeschool group and I want to keep those connections up over the summer. And there's nothing better than getting kids together to bake in the sun while swimming.

9) Create a letterhead for my homeschool group

This kind of ties in with number 8 but is also needed for a lot of other things the group plans to do and may help open 'doors' for us for certain field trips over the course of next year.

And I think that's it.

What are your goals for the month?


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