A Chore Filled Friday

Good evening. 

It's been a wonderful day here in northeast Louisiana. The temperatures have been decent and the sun has been out all day which is something I love. 

Most Friday's all run the same for me, it is the day I do the bulk of my chores. This way I can go into the weekend being able to spend time with the family instead of having to worry about the dirty floors or the dust on the entertainment center. 

All Friday mornings start the same for me, I tend to sleep in during the summers so my day doesn't usually start till around 9 or 10. It's the best part of summer I swear. 

I spend most of my morning piddling around the kitchen. Unloading the dishwasher, wiping down counters, cleaning my window sill and such. 

The kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house. It's so open and the way the sunlight filters through the kitchen window in the morning makes me feel so peaceful. I usually eat a small breakfast of scrambled eggs with fruit or toast and enjoy the sunshine a bit before getting my day started.  After tidying up from breakfast I start on my morning chores. Things like laundry, tidying up the living room, making the bed after Mike gets up, and this is also the time when I organize my to-do list for the day. I make note of any bills that need to be paid, get together a list of any phone calls I need to make, and jot down reminders for any errands I may need to run. Thankfully today was a very light day on this front and I only had to make one call regarding piano lessons for Hayley. 

The view from the breakfast area. All that sunshine just makes me so happy.

After my morning chores, I settle down on the couch to check my emails and catch up with family and friends on different social media platforms or through texting. I also look over the day's menu and make sure that if I need to thaw anything out it's been pulled out of the freezer. 

After my small chat break, I pick up work on our family history. I recently checked out some books from the library with great tips on using the internet (not just Ancestry.com) to gain access to documents in other states or even countries. Through my research, I've traced my line back to South Carolina and to Wales which is really cool. Mike's family line I've traced back to Missouri but have hit a brick wall with his great grandfather, hence the books on how to find more information without having to travel. 

I'll spend a couple of hours on this then take a break for lunch. Friday lunches are usually leftover days, we all scrounge through the fridge and use up any leftovers. I then take advantage of the semi-clean fridge shelves to wipe the inside down before it gets full again. Out of all the places in the house that can get dirty, the fridge ranks second on having to be cleaned most often, floors come in first around here. Which was my is usually my next chore, cleaning my downstairs floors. 

Hayley usually comes down to help me finish up the chores. Mainly laundry and dishes, she'll sometimes help with the floors and dusting. Today I let her bow out of most of the chores, she was still pretty tired from swimming meet up we had yesterday with our homeschool group. 

By the end of all the chores, it's usually dinner time. Tonight I  cooked a small meal for the two of us,  Mike went with his parents to pick up our niece and eat crab legs, so clean up was a breeze. 

Which brings me to now. It's 8:30pm and all my chores are done which means that I can sit back and enjoy a relaxing weekend without having to cringe when I walk through the house. 

The rest of my evening will be spent like this, in bed under my favorite afghan, propped up against the headboard with a heating pad on my back.  After I finish this post I'll put the laptop away and crack open my next book in the Shannara series, The Sword of Shannara. Which by all accounts should have been the first one I read but it took longer to come in and I didn't have the option of waiting for it before reading the other two.

 When do you usually do chores? Do you have a designated day for the bulk of them?

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