Happy Fourth of July

Just stopping in real quick to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. 

We have Mike's family over today for steaks and veggies cooked on the grill.  I always love getting the family together for a day of visiting, laughing, food, and sometimes fishing. 

My in-laws don't get to come out as much anymore now that they take care of my niece Kyndel and Mom's mother, Granny. Which just makes us treasure days like today even more. 
My girls and my older niece Selena, Mike, and his parents. 

Mom and I spent time visiting while I finished up a pie I made for the day. 

Mike and Hayley decided to get a coconut the other day and I just couldn't let the fresh coconut go to waste. I decided a homemade coconut cream pie was needed for the Fourth of July celebrations.   It was a lot of work but oh so worth it. I'll post the recipe sometime this week. 

After a wonderful lunch and great conversation, the adults headed outside for some fishing on the bank by the house.  While there may be a few things I don't like about living in a neighborhood I do love living on the lake. It allows us to have such wonderful views from the house and the fishing is usually pretty good. Sadly today it was just too hot and the bream weren't biting, but it was still fun to sit and talk while tossing a line out. 

While mom, dad, and Mike fished I played around in my flower beds looking at the pretty blooms and bees.  I love the peaceful feeling that flowers give. Flowers are such a blessing and a beauty and I can never get enough of appreciating them. 


The best part of family gatherings is watching the cousins get together and play. These girls have such a tight friendship. It is such a joy to listen to them giggle and scream (they like to scare each other so there are constant squeals of 'fright' going on). 

Selena and Kyla, doing what teens do, playing video games. 

Hayley decided to separate from the group for a little bit, she takes after me and my introverted nature. 

As we spend time together today I am reminded of how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful country. Despite all the political issues and more we face in our country we still have it a lot better than most people in this world. We enjoy so many freedoms that were hard-won over the years with many sacrifices. Freedoms that allow us to be individuals with many different views, religions and more without fear of persecution. 

It's a special day indeed. 

And I hope that you and yours enjoy it immensely, and remember to take a moment in all of the celebration to reflect on what this day stands for. 

Happy Fourth Everyone


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