Happy Homemaker Monday ~ Week of July 29

Hi, y'all.

It's already Monday afternoon and I'm just now getting around to writing this post. It's been a busy morning, after what was a long week.  I've spent most of the day fighting traffic as I've gone to and from doctor appointments for check-ups and refills.

This weekend was a pretty decent one. I spent most of Saturday at my grandfathers and moms home visiting with them. The rest of my time was spent crocheting, reading, and doing light housework.

I'm not really feeling 'it' today so I'm going to jump right into this weeks HHM link up with Sandra.

The Weather:

It's so hot today and though the humidity is pretty low it's still miserable.  The rest of the week looks like it will be following the same pattern. I'm so ready for fall-like weather... even winter at this point. Just anything but this awful heat.

Right Now I Am:

Finishing up this post so I can start a load of laundry before dragging my cookbooks and sticky notes to my bed to lay down for a bit.

On My Coffee Table:

Old drawing pads of Hayley's that I want to go through before tossing, some crocheted items, books... lots of books, pens, game controllers. It's actually really cluttered (because of the books) and is driving me nuts. I'll be cleaning it off very soon.

On My Reading Pile:

I'm still on a Terry Brooks Shannara kick and have two more books in the very long series to read this week.

The Elf Queen of Shannara and The Talismans of Shannara.

I may also try to read The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek this week.

Movies or Shows I Watched this Weekend:

Mike and I started watching Another Life on Netflix, two episodes in and so far we like it. It's gotten a lot of bad reviews but I always take these with a grain of salt. I like weird quirky stuff and things that fall into the "b-list" when it comes to shows and movies. So only time will tell.

 I also watched a little bit of Bates Motel Season 3 but for the most, the TV has been off a lot lately.

On My TV this Week:

Not sure really. If my week keeps going like today probably nothing but old movies that I can put on for noise.

We might try to watch some Jessica Jones, Another Life and I may turn on some Bates Motel.

Meal Ideas for the Week:
I'm still trying to tweak the way we meal plan. Going to focus this next month on getting it really worked out as I also tweak our diet and the way I grocery shop.

  • steak, sweet potatoes, roasted squash
  • Rotel pork chops, brown rice melody, 
  • Cajun shrimp, veggie side, fruit
  • sloppy joes, chips, fruit
On My to-do List:
  • Housework: normal stuff, plus cleaning out the fridge, and decluttering my desk
  • Go through cookbooks for low-cal recipes to try
  • Scan pictures
  • Make a hair appointment for my mom
  • Thursday ~ Pick up Kyla, Hayley allergist, and Kyla eye appointment
  • Pack for trip to Texas
What I Am Crocheting:

I'm still working on the amigurumi crochet. I finished the final touches on the poop emoji and made a couple of other times. I'm going to try to finish the penguin and start the cat this week. I've also picked up the idea to make my little niece a market bag and food to go with it for her to play with when she's here. I've already gotten a small eggplant made. I'll post pictures of it all sometime this week.

Looking Forward To:

Napping or at the very least laying down in a dark cold room. I'm also really looking forward to Kyla being home full time again starting Thursday. Summer's are just so long without her here.

Looking Around the House:

Despite the cluttered coffee table, the house is rather clean. I have yarn and needles for crocheting everywhere but that's just part of the creative process lol.

From the Camera:
I had to stop on the side of the road on the way home Saturday to catch this stunning view of the clouds. The way the light was playing through them made them feel larger than life.

What I'm Wearing Today:

Washed out jeans and a grey t-shirt. Simple. Comfy.

From the Blog:

I didn't get any writing done this week. I've been battling with my mood swings and just haven't had the energy or motivation to write.  But here are a few posts I've written in the past that you might like...

July Goals: I'll be posting a follow up to this one sometime this week.
The Reminder: I talk about the marital issues Mike and I went through a few years ago and how things aren't always what they seem

Question of the Week:

What's your favorite plant/flower and why?

Mine is a daisy because even though it's barely a step above a weed to most people I find it's resilience heartening and it's quiet beauty breathtaking. 



  1. I have Another Life in my list to watch on Netflix. Oh that cloud pic...love it!! Have a great Monday!

  2. That cloud picture is stunning! I forgot about Jessica Jones, maybe I'll try to catch up on season 3 sometime this week/weekend. I have lots of favorite flowers but for some reason lily-of-the-valley have always been my favorites. And of course, I don't have any planted since they are poisonous to kids & cats. Now that I know my kids are way past the eat flowers stage, maybe I'll take another look at planting some (cat usually leaves things alone). Hope your week is going wonderfully!

  3. I LOVE your cloud picture - so soothing. I finished Jessica Jones, but am disappointed with Disney's recent purchase and cancellation of all the comic book related shows. I hope you've had a GREAT week.