August Goals: One Month Till Summer Ends

*I like to make a list of goals each month. This helps me to stay focused on what I need to accomplish around the house and there's the added thrill of marking things off as done.*

I can't believe July is over already. It was such a crazy busy month for us. Honestly, the last year has felt like one crazy busy month after another.  I'm ready for this summer to be over with though and for the fall season to start. Fall brings school, football, and hunting!

a look at July's goals... *you can see the full post here*
  1. Contact Aunt Roxanne about Grandmothers family tree research *didn't get this done, mainly because we ended up not going to Texas*
  2. Pick up hope chest from moms
  3. Plan one more homeschool swim event. *this didn't end up happening but we did do other things*
  4. Verify dates for a trip to Arkansas.
  5. Figure out what's growing in my mailbox flower bed. *I still haven't figured out what that funny looking green grass is*
  6. Minimize the amount of eating out we do. *Failed horribly at this for this month*
  7. Stick to a grocery budget of $600 *We upped the budget to $650 and I came in at $624!*
  8. Finish crocheting baby blanket for friends new arrival in September.
  9. Blog a minimum of 2-3 times a week *I did semi-okay on this but not as good as I hoped*
  10. Start pulling together Hayley's curriculum *her first six weeks are planned*
  11. Find a photo a day challenge and stick to it. *I did okay on this... kept falling behind and missed the last week totally*
  12. Read 3 to 4 books *knocked this outta the park*

Altogether I did pretty well on my goals for last month. A couple of things not done or fully completed but I'm happy with the results. 

August Goals

1.) Make a dent in the family photos to be scanned. 

2.) Finish 2 to 3 crochet projects: The stuffed penguin, the floppy cat, a toddler-sized market bag and some fruit and veggies to go in it. 

3.) Read 2 to 3 books. I'm currently ahead in my 2019 challenge but I know my reading time will be cut some when school starts back up so I'm trying to get in as much as I can. 

4.) Blog more regularly.

5.) Stick to my budget of $650 for groceries. 

6.) Go through my cookbooks and collect some recipes to try this month. I'd like to get three new recipes cooked. 

7.) Deep clean kitchen: oven, cabinet doors, under cabinet top appliances and such.

8.) Weather (aka temperature) permitting sand down sewing desk and Kyla's hope chest and restain both.  This used to be my hope chest and it was left in the care of Kyla's bio-dad and has some heavy damage. I'd like to get it to its former glory before prepping it for when she marries or gets her first home.

9.) Go 4-wheeler riding at least twice with the family.

10.) Go to the movies

11.) Get one last swim in before the local state park pool closes.

12.) Go for ice cream as a family

Lot's planned for this month, most of it should be pretty easy. I'm a little hesitant on the furniture just because of the heat but I hope to get it done.

What are your plans for August?


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