Grocery Spending and Meals Ate: We went way over budget

Good evening. I the first week of back to school is already over. This consistent getting up at 6am five days a week is kicking my arse. I am not now, nor never been, a morning person and these early morning wake-ups are the worst part of the school year for me. 

I think the fact I've been so flipping tired is why I have spent way more this week on groceries then I should have. 

My monthly budget is $600 to $650, this includes all cleaning supplies, toiletries, and dog supplies. I'm feeding two adults and two kids (16/12). 

Altogether we spent: $274.36

I forgot to take a picture of the groceries we purchased. We got things like orange juice, cherries, strawberries, taco soup makings, lots of cheese and ham, so much milk, ground beef and more. 

We have gone through a lot of cherries and orange juice in the last two weeks. 

Our Menu This Week

I sucked at taking pictures this week, not only did I miss the grocery haul but I took very little pictures of the meals we had. I'd always think about it just after we'd eaten or even the next morning. What can I say, I don't function well when tired. 
Sunday ~ We had steak, sweet potatoes, and roasted squash. (We bought up <>a lot of steaks a few months ago when it was on an amazing sale at our local grocer's and we are still eating through it.)
Monday ~ Blackened Shrimp Tacos with corn

Tuesday ~  Cabbage Spaghetti

Wednesday ~ We all had different leftovers and I think I had chicken nuggets. I remember it was an easy night because it had been a really busy day. 

Thursday ~ BBQ drumsticks and roasted red potatoes

Friday ~ Little Ceaser's Pizza for the girls and taco soup for me and Mike

Saturday ~ I think tonight we are going to have oven-baked chicken strips, rice with gravy and asparagus. 


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