Grocery Spending and Meals Ate

Can you believe it's Saturday? The first week of August is near to an end. I've had a really good week. This was the first week with Kyla back full time after the summer break and it was great having her home. Although I've had to readjust to her presence and the way it affects my groceries. If you've followed me on Instagram you saw how she decimated the orange juice and cherries in under 24 hours. Still, it's so nice to hear her moving around the house and to be able to get all the hugs I want.

I also managed to stick to a decent grocery budget this week. We ate out a bit more than we had intended, a total of three nights. Two of the eat outs happened because we had spent hours in the woods riding our new 4-wheelers and by the time we got back into town we were all ravenous and it was too late to cook. I'll have to start planning slow cooker meals for days we go riding.  The third eat out was a family night out and was planned for.  The goal for next week is zero eating out. Wish me luck!

Instead of doing just one big monthly post of groceries and meals I'm going to break the post down into weekly post them I'll do a follow up at the end of the month. I was inspired by Kristen's (The Frugal Girl) What I Spent, What We Ate posts

My monthly budget is $600 to $650, this includes all cleaning supplies, toiletries, and dog supplies. I'm feeding two adults and two kids (16/12). 

August 4-10 spending = $257.39

I made a two to three trips to Walmart this week to get groceries. I'm a little over what I need to average weekly to stay on budget but I should be able to trim it down over the rest of the month.

Our Menu from the Week

Sunday ~ We spent the day riding on the local Wildlife Management Area's year-round trails and didn't get back into town late so we stopped off at McAlister's for some sandwiches.

Monday ~ We spent another day on the 4-wheelers, this time at our hunting lease. Once again we swung through McAlister's on the way home.

Our hunting blind on our new hunting lease. 

Tuesday ~ Roasted Leg of Lamb, roasted squash and sweet potatoes

Wednesday ~ Creamy Beef and Onions over rice with mixed vegetables.

Thursday ~ Oven cooked hamburgers, baked beans, shells-n-cheese

Friday ~ Longhorn Steakhouse, I had a wonderful 6oz steak with their parmesan creamed spinach. I could eat pounds of that dish. My next goal is to start making it at home.

Saturday ~ It's an easy night food-wise. We are munching on leftover pizza and Rotel dip with beef while we all relax and hide inside to get away from the crazy heat.


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