Happy Homemaker Monday ~ Week of August 5

Happy Monday y'all.

I wanna say sorry to all of you link hoppers on the HHM link up for not getting to your posts from last week. I never slowed down long enough to read all the posts and comment. I promise I'll do better this week.

Last week was spent shopping for 4-wheelers, buying them and then hunting down a trailer that was big enough for two but small enough to fit in our garage. Not an easy task! We finally (after much drama) found one that works perfectly, so loaded the 4-wheelers on to it Sunday morning and went trail riding.

My Dodge Rame sure makes those Honda Ranchers look sexy.
So many memories were brought back to me. I spent two to three years of my teenage life on the back of a 4-wheeler nearly every weekend while riding the trails and playing in the mud in our local Wildlife Management Area.  I'm so excited that I get to give my girls the same experience I had.

Anyways... before I get totally off track lets get to this week's Happy Homemaker Monday hosted by the ever wonderful Sandra.

The Weather:

Hot, hot, and more hot! Oh and humid, very very humid. I am so ready for fall weather to get here.

For Dinner Tonight: 

We ate at McAlister's after spending a few hours on our new hunting lease checking out the land and the hunting blind we are going to be using.

Right Now I Am:

Typing up this post, listening to Hayley pop some popcorn, and watching the last episode of Another Life. It's been a long day and I'm enjoying being able to relax at home with the family.

On My Bedside Coffee Table:

Two cookbooks, a candle, some drink coasters, an owl paperweight and a glass of McAlisters sweet tea.

Shows I Watched This Weekend:

Mike and I binged watched Another Life each night over the weekend and I watched a couple episodes of Bates Motel

On the TV this Week:

Bates Motel
Jessica Jones

and my Pandora stations

On My Menu:

So far I'm thinking we will have the following...
  • Roast leg of lamb, with roasted squash
  • Fried catfish
and after that, I'm not sure. I have a bunch of recipes earmarked to try and I need to sort through them and the local sales paper to see what is possible. 

On My To-Do List:
  • check the budget to see if I can order photo album for family pictures
  • work on scanning more pictures
  • bring books to the library to donate
  • clean ovens

Crocheting this Week:

I'm still working on the amigurumi penguin. I did manage to get one wing done while sitting at doctor offices last week. The goal this week is to get the next wing, beak, eyes, and feet done, then next week I'll get the cute little pom-pom hat done and the whole thing sewn together. 

Looking Forward To:

A quiet week at home full of normal things like cooking, cleaning, and such... no more trailer hunting and the drama that it entailed.

From the Camera:

Just a little something to giggle at, two goats in dog cages, in the back of a truck, in the Walmart parking lot.  Not something you see every day. 

From the Blog:

Yet another week of barely any blogging. I did get up what I hope will become a monthly posting, my Grocery budget for July. I've always found these kinds of post intriguing and I've always been told write what you like... so I'm trying very hard to do just that. 
Question of the Week:

With summer coming to a close are there any 'last-minute' things you want to get done before the weather changes?



  1. 4 wheelers, fun!! How funny of the goats in the truck! Have a great week!

    1. I laughed so hard at the goats... you never know what you're going to see when you go to Walmart.

  2. Sounds like you were super busy last week. It is just that time of the year, I think. I've never been to McAlister's. They put a new one in around here some time last year (maybe 2 years...knowing me). I really do need to try it, I always here good things. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. I keep telling myself it's the time of year that's keeping me busy but it's dragging out to be a little over six months of business. I need a break lol.

      McAlister's is awesome, especially their sweet tea (though I have to get mine half sweet half unsweet because it's just too sweet for me nowadays)

  3. I LOVE McAlister's, one of our favorite places to eat.

    The weather is pretty much like mine, although we've been hitting triple digits and then with the humidity it is KILLING me lol

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. We usually end up at McAlisters more than anywhere else when we do go out to eat.

      I think we've been hitting triple digits with the heat index I couldn't imagine it being triple digits and then adding humidity on top of it. Bleh I hate the heat.

  4. Really had fun reading your post and seeing your pictures. Enjoy the 4-wheelers and have a great week

  5. Hot, hot, and more hot seems to be the name of the game here lately. I'll be so glad when fall arrives in all its glory! (At least I hope it does. Last year we really didn't have a fall. It went from hot to cold.) Hope you're having a lovely week! Blessings! <3

  6. I don't know why,, but the hottest month of the year always seems to be one of the busiest too - maybe it's the back to school time that does it? Your temps look too warm for me and I hope fall arrives soon! Love your pictures - enjoy the new hunting lease.