Hi there! My name's Felicia and I'm thrilled you found my little spot on the web. For a little bit about why I'm blogging you can check out this post.

I'm married to the love of my life, Mike and we have two daughters, Kyla (the oldest) and Hayley. I homeschool my younger child while Kyla chooses to attend a brick and mortar school. It's a weird mix but it works well for us.

Me and my crazy family

We currently live in Louisiana, despite 2/3's of us hating the summertime heat and humidity. We stay because it's home and this is where our families are, totally worth putting up with a heat index of 115.

I'm ...

  • bipolar with depression and anxiety
  • an introvert, though once I get to know you I will talk your ear off
  • a cooking lover
  • accident-prone
  • a reader
  • a crocheter
  • frugal-minded
  • learning to be earth-friendly
  • a child at heart

Why do I blog?

For a myriad of reasons. I love to create and writing is one way for me to do that. I love to talk and well whats writing but talking silently. I also want to share my experiences in dealing with bipolar, depression, homeschooling, being a housewife and more. I want a way to document my life in a fun and interesting way.

So what will you find here?

Posts on:

  • crocheting
  • recipes
  • bioplarism/depression/anxiety
  • daily snippets
  • fun vacation ideas (we travel a lot!)
  • poetry
  • book reviews
and more. 

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